March 20-April 24

2:00 - 3:15pm pst

In this virtual workshop series, Monica will guide you through a progressive pole and flexibility practice, moving towards the pole trick “Eagle”. This is an all-level workshop series - yes even beginners will benefit from this workshop. Participants will use the pole to warm up, strengthen and stabilize as well as learn active and passive stretches while on the pole. By the end of this workshop, students can expect more flexibility in their existing pole tricks and a few new bendy tricks to check off the pole goals list.

Week 1

Focus on spine strength and mobility, safely preparing the spine for an intense extension.

Week 2

Focus on ballerinas and closed leg hangs on the pole.

Week 3

Deepen flexibility into the upper back and shoulders safely and explore how to reach overhead to grab the foot.

Week 4

Exploring shoulder mobility and twisting the spine around the pole to prepare students for tricks like bird of paradise and eagle. If students are challenged by this point and wish to revisit tricks from previous weeks to master them for technique, that is encouraged. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey and consistent practice leads to progress with time.

Week 5 and 6

Primarily focused on getting students into the coveted “eagle” pole trick with the option to work on closed leg hang with the arms overhead.


Required Items: Access to a pole (either in their home or at a studio) pole shorts (sticky pants are not recommended) and a yoga strap or something similar. Suggested props are a yoga mat and yoga blocks (2 or more).


Cost: $96 for the series


April 10th-May 1st

2:00 - 3:35 pm pst

Burlesque is back!! This workshop will be held in-person. This series will give you the opportunity to shake off the dust and get your sexy back with a group of like-minded luscious ladies! In this series, we will refresh our burlesque body movement, spend some quality time on our flexibility, strength, and technique, get back in touch with our sexy alter egos, and learn some fun striptease and group choreography. You will sashay away all the essential elements you need to unleash your inner vixen!

Each Class Includes:

Sexy warm-up and basic body movement

Flexibility and light conditioning drills

Technique tips

Striptease combos

Across the floor with basic walks and character-building activities

Learning to count music, remember choreography, and build/block a group routine.


Cost: $120 for the series


April 11th-May 16th

11:30 - 1:00 pm pst


April 18th-May 23th

5:30-7:30 pm pst


May 10th - June 14th

6:00 - 7:30 pm pst


May 5th - June 9th

10:30 - 12:00 pm pst

Pole Dance Level 1A

6 week series

This workshop will be held in-person. This series is your introduction to the art of pole! Gain confidence and build your pole skills as you take on new challenges each week. In the final class of the series we'll celebrate your progress and dance it out with a choreographed routine!

Week 1

Basic Floor work elements and poses

Shoe training

Pole Poses

Around the world

Knee hugger spin

 Week 2

Review of week 1

Fireman spin

Crazy Diamond

Choreo with new moves

 Week 3

Review of weeks 1-2

Combo Spin: Fireman/Crazy Diamond Combo


Choreo with new moves

 Week 4

Review of weeks 1-3


Chair spin

Choreo with new moves

Week 5

Review weeks 1-4

Combo Spin:Chair to Crazy Diamond

Review Choreo using spins/moves learned this far

Week 6

Review of week 1-5

Review and Perform Choreography


Cost: $180 for the series


April 14th-May 19th

6:00-7:30 pm pst

Pole Dance Level 2A:

6 Week Series

This workshop will be held in-person at the studio. In this series students bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate pole skills. Students in this series will learn and train multiple climb variations and begin learning aerial shapes and transitions! We will learn to use aerial grip points including our hips, thighs, knees, underarms and elbows. In the last two weeks of the series, we will learn how to layer on musicality and performance skills. At the end of the series, everyone will have the opportunity to share a pole performance with the class.

Week 1

Basic Climb, Bracket climb,

Right side up Thigh holds (pole sit) and variations

Figure 4 Layback


Week 2

Review week 1

Spin Climb on static

Side climb (both legs, alternating legs)

Hip hold and variations

Descending inversion


Week 3

Review week 1-2

Basic Climb on Spin pole

Side climb on spin pole

Ice skater


Week 4

Review week 1-3

Basic invert from the floor


Pole handstand

Safe and sexy exits from inverts


Week 5

Review week 1-4

Creating Combos

Performance & Freestyle coaching


Week 6

Review week 1-5

Freestyle performances


Cost: $180 for the Six Week Series


April 12th-May 3rd

7:30 - 9:00 pm pst

This series will give you a strong foundation for inversions and leg hangs. You will develop your strength, flexibility and muscle engagement, and learn how to maximize grip points for tricks & transitions. 


Skill Requirement: Students should be comfortable with a basic climb and invert from the floor.

Week 1

Inverts/straight leg inverts

Outside leg holds and various shapes


Week 2

Review week 1

Inside leg holds and various shapes

Inside to outside leg switches


Week 3

Review week 1-2


Pole Sit

Layback & variations


Week 4

Review week 1-3

Split grip hold



Price: $120 for the four week series