Theme: Carnival of Horror! The freak show is here to entertain and twist your brain. Once you enter our dark carnival, you will never be the same! Classic Halloween creatures - Witches, Spooks and Serial Killers are also welcome 😈


Check out this board for ideas:


Dates & Location: All performers are required to attend the Dress Rehearsal at the Federal Bar, Saturday, Oct 8, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. The Show will be held at the Federal Bar in Noho on Saturday Oct 29th, 7:00 - 10:00 pm.

Training & Media: Performers who are selected for the show will receive a free month of unlimited open pole, a one hour coaching session, and professional pole photos from our dress rehearsal. We will post photos and videos of the show on our website and social media accounts. We ask all performers to sign a photography/video release for the show.

Skill Level & Styles: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole Dancers are welcome to audition. We also welcome burlesque, hip hop, jazz, ballroom and a variety of dance styles. Dancers may audition a solo, duet, or group number. Please note: there are two 9' poles on the main stage and one 16' pole in the middle of the audience (3 poles total). You may choose static or spin settings for each pole. We are looking for Feature Performances (full song set using all 3 poles) as well as Mini-Solos (2 min set using 1 pole).

Audition Scoring: In the audition you can score up to 5 points for each of the following categories. Point totals are used to select performers for the show.

Technical Dance Skills
1. Strong and clean execution of the movement for your level.
2. Amazing dance skills and pole tricks.
3. Flow, connection, and musicality
4. Stage presence and audience interaction

Artistic Interpretation
1. A complete performance idea: A great song and a story or character that is inspired by your selected music.
2. A costume that ties in with your theme and music.
3. Personal Style - bring an element, a surprise, a story, a look that reflects your personal style.
4. A performance that ties in with the theme of the show: Carnival of Horrors! We also welcome classic Halloween themes - vampires, ghouls, monsters and more.

After you sign up, you will get an email to book your 10 min audition slot.

There are no fees to audition.