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New Student Pricing

Single Class


Three Pack



Five Pack


Semi-Private Series

(Once a week, 4 weeks)

Begin Your Journey

New to Pole? Start with a Pole 101 or Pole Level 1 class

Pole 101:
Semi-Private Series

This progressive class series is perfect for new pole dancers or anyone looking to brush up on pole basics! This series will meet weekly for a limited time. Gain confidence and build your pole skills with the same group of lovely students in each session. You will learn fun and sassy poses, grips, turns and spins, all while practicing proper muscle engagement and form. In the final class of the series, we'll celebrate your progress and dance it out together! This series is held in Studio B and limited to four students. Pole 101 Series are accessible for all fitness levels.
Pricing may vary


Pole 101:
Weekly Classes

Pole 101 is your first pole class ever! This class is exclusively for First-Time Students. This class is a fun and sexy welcome to pole dance and floor skills.You will get an introduction to floorwork, pole shapes, grip, muscle engagement and transitions that will facilitate simple spins and dance flow. Pole 101 classes are accessible for all fitness levels.

Pole Dance: Level 1
Weekly Classes

This is a beginners pole class. You will leave this class feeling confident, strong and sexy - and excited to continue your pole journey. More advanced students are welcome to take Level 1 classes to review the basics. Level One may also be appropriate for those recovering from an injury or returning from a break. Students in a Level 1 class will have a variety of pole dance experience. Level 1 classes are accessible for all fitness levels.



Let’s make sure you are ready for a great class experience. Click here to learn how to prepare, what to wear and what to bring to class.


Class Levels

Our Pole Levels are designed to provide a progressive skill set for your pole journey. As you gain strength and skills, you will be ready to progress to higher level classes.

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