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Weekly Classes

Group dance classes. People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome to join us. We offer classes that cover a variety of pole and dance skills. Join us for any class that fits your schedule and skill level. Classes are held in Studio A & C. Online registration required.


In our workshops we dive deeper into specific styles, techniques & training. Workshops offer focused, progressive skill building for dance, conditioning, and performance. You will see consistent gains in your goals, week by week! In our workshop series, you attend classes with the same group of lovely students every week. This built-in support system will supercharge your progress. These sessions meet at the same day and time every week, for a limited time. Workshops are held in Studio A & C. Online registration required.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for anyone who wants extra support on their pole journey. These 1:1 sessions will help you achieve your pole & fitness goals. Each session is designed to help you build your skills, strength, and confidence. Private lessons are great for beginners, shy dancers, advanced pole tricksters, competitors, performance artists and prep for stage & film productions. Private lessons are for 1-2 students, and held in Studio B. Lessons are scheduled at your convenience.  Contact us to book a private lesson.

Semi-Private Series

Are you ready for a personalized pole experience? We have a great training option for you! Semi-Private Series offer progressive learning in a small group setting. You get more privacy, more opportunities for spotting, and more focus on skills & technique. Semi-Private Series are held in Studio B and limited to four students. These sessions meet at the same day and time every week, for a limited time. Online registration required. 


Private Group Lessons

Learn amazing pole tricks & dance skills with your friends. Build new skills, gain confidence and have fun!  Group lessons are held in Studio A & C, and scheduled at your convenience. Group lessons are for 3-9 students. Contact us to book a group lesson.

Pole Parties

It’s time to celebrate and you deserve the best! We are ready to give you and your friends an unforgettable evening of sexy fun, giggles, cute pics and great memories. We have it all! Amazing pole instructors, gorgeous studio, 10 poles, mood lighting, great music, costume accessories, cool pole skills and sexy lap dance/chair routines that are sure to please! Our instructors are trained to work with all skills levels, including those with ZERO pole experience. We welcome guests of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Pole Parties are held in Studio A & C. Max 18 guests. Contact us to book a pole party.


Open Pole

Book one pole in the studio for a personal pole practice session. You will share the studio time with other dancers. Each dancer has their own pole. There is no instruction offered during open pole. Open pole is held in Studio A & C. Pre-registration required.

Studio B Rentals

Book Studio B for a pole practice session. Share the time with friends or have the entire studio to yourself. There is no instructor present for studio rentals. 1-3 dancers per session. Pre-registration required.



Join us for amazing studio and venue events. These events center around live pole performances. Take the stage, cheer on your friends, have fun and connect with the LM community. Pre-registration required.

Production Rentals

Book Studio A, B & C for productions, rehearsals, and filming. Productions must provide a certificate of liability insurance, safety plan and a call sheet. The studio can provide a list of qualified instructors for on-camera filming or pre-production training. Contact us to book a production rental.



11135 Weddington St, Unit 114

North Hollywood, CA 91601


Call or Text: (818) 824-4091

Studio Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 8 pm

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