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  • What happens in a pole class?
    Each class begins with a welcome and a floor warm-up. Following this, instructors will teach key skills for the class style & level. Instructors will provide demonstrations, verbal cues, and spotting to help students unlock the skills. At the end of class, there is a cool down and then everyone gathers their things and exits the room. If you want to sit for a moment after class, you can join us in the Studio B lobby.
  • Do I need to get in shape before I start to pole dance?
    Nope! Pole 101 and Pole Level 1 classes are for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. From your first pole class, you will begin to build strength, flexibility, dance skills and endurance.
  • Is there a weight limit for the poles?
    No. Our poles are of professional quality, installed by a certified rigger, and regularly maintained. They are safe for people of all sizes.
  • Are these classes for women only?
    Not at all! We welcome people of all gender identities and expressions.
  • Are these classes for adults only?
    Yes. Our services are for adults 18 and older. No children allowed in the studio. Children may not be left unattended in the reception area or in a parked car in front of the studio.
  • What should I bring/wear for my pole class
    · Dance or yoga wear is best to allow for a full range of motion. · For general pole classes, you will need a yoga mat, water bottle and dance knee pads. · For classes that include pole climbing and aerial skills, you will need pole shorts or grippy pants. · Some classes require additional items such as heels or yoga blocks. When you book a class, read the class description and look for What to Bring. · Knee pads, heels, pole shorts, grip aid and water are available for purchase in our lobby.
  • Which class should I take?
    · For everyone’s safety, it’s important to go to the right class for your skill level. Check out our descriptions for the Class Levels & Styles · Pole 101 is for first-time students only. · Pole Level 1 is for beginners with little or no experience. · As you master skills, you will be ready to move up to higher class levels. When you book your class, you’ll see that each class has a description that includes the Required Skills. · If you are unsure about moving up, ask your instructor for guidance. · If you attend a class that is too advanced for your skills and strength, your instructor will let you know and help direct you to the appropriate level. · Even if you have pole experience, we recommend that you start with beginner classes to get accustomed to the Luscious Maven teaching style. · If you are not sure which class is best for you, contact us, we’d love to help you!
  • Can I drop-in to a class or session without pre-registration?
    Pre-registration is required for all classes and services. Space is limited, and each client must reserve a spot prior to the session start time. You can create an account and book classes HERE. Once you have an account you may purchase classes and services.
  • Can I share my account or class package with a friend or family member?
    Each student must have their own individual MindBody account and class credits. Accounts and class packages cannot be shared with a family member or friend.
  • Can I watch a class?
    For everyone’s comfort and safety, only those who are enrolled in the session are allowed in the pole room.
  • Where should I park?
    Street parking is available in front of the studio on Weddington St. Please be aware of hourly parking limits and street cleaning. There are also metered spots and paid parking garages on both sides of Weddington. We do not offer validation. Give yourself plenty of time to secure a parking spot prior to the class time.
  • Where do I check in?
    Our studio is a street-level unit in the Lofts at Noho Commons. You will check in at our lobby in Studio B (Unit 114). Students should check in 5-10 mins prior to the session start time. Five mins before class begins, we will unlock the doors and let students into their class. For regular classes, proceed to our main pole rooms: Studio A (Unit 113) or Studio C (Unit 129)
  • Can I get a refund?
    We do not offer refunds for any reason. If you have an emergency or illness, please contact us and we will help you reschedule your session and/or find a workable solution.
  • Can I book the studio to teach my own private lessons or workshops?
    Only LM instructors (employees of the studio) can offer classes, lessons, and workshops. For liability reasons, we do not allow independent instructors to offer services at our studio.

Studio Policy

Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful of your instructor and other students.

  • Remove shoes before entering the dance space.

  • Place personal belongings in the cubby. Keep the dance floor clear.

  • Turn off your phone ringer and put your phone away. If you must take a call, please step out of the pole room.

  • Find an open spot on the floor for the warm up. 

  • Students are expected to follow the lesson plan presented by the instructor. If you prefer to do your own practice, you are welcome to join us for Open Pole or Studio Rentals.

  • Use a crash mat when you practice aerial pole skills. Ask for a spotter anytime you are practicing new aerial skills.

  • Challenge yourself but also listen to your body. When learning new pole skills, discomfort is expected. However we want to avoid sharp, intense pain. If a movement or skill is causing intense pain, let your instructor know. They can offer a modification for your body, or you can skip the skill for that day.

  • You may want to take video and pictures to capture your pole progress. When you do this, be mindful of others. Everyone has a right to privacy in the pole room and no one should be recorded without permission. If you want to get a video of your instructors demonstrating a skill, be sure to ask first. Do not post images of other people to social media without permission.

  • When your class is complete, gather your things and exit the pole room. This allows the next class to begin on time.


Pre-registration is required for all sessions

Students must sign up for a class that fits their current skill level.

Pole 101 is for first-time students only. Pole Level 1 is for beginners with little or no experience. 

As you master skills, you will be ready to move up to higher class levels. In each class description, we have clearly indicated Required Skills. Click HERE to learn about our class levels. If you are unsure about your level please contact us.

Late Policy 

Students must be on time for class. Five mins before your class start time, you may enter Studio A . For security, we lock the studio doors 10 mins after the class starts. Once the doors are locked, we do not allow anyone else to enter.

Cancellation Policy

Students must cancel their class via their MBO account at least 8 hours prior to the class start time, to retain their studio credit. Your cancellation is not considered complete unless it is processed through your online account. Leaving a phone message or email is not a valid method of canceling.  Students that late cancel or no show for a scheduled class, will forfeit the class credit. It is best for students to cancel online anytime they cannot make it to class, as this gives another student the opportunity to enroll.


Students who are on the class waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the class when another student cancels. It is the responsibility of each student to check the MBO schedule to see if they were enrolled in class via the waitlist. Please enable text notifications on your MBO account to get waitlist updates. Please log in and check your schedule up to 8 hours before the start time of this class; you may have been auto-enrolled. If you are enrolled in the class, you are responsible to either attend or cancel your reservation. For workshop waitlists, you will be notified via email or text if a spot becomes available. Class credits are not deducted for students on the waitlist who do NOT get into the class. Class credit will only be deducted from a student's account once they are enrolled in the class.

Private Lessons  

We require 24 hours advance notice to cancel a private lesson. Late cancellations will result in a forfeit of the payment for that session.


We require 24 hours advance notice to cancel a rental. Late cancellations will result in a forfeit of the payment for that session.

Parties & Group Lessons

Full payment is due upon booking. If you need to cancel your party, we will retain a $200 booking fee. To receive a partial refund, cancellations must be made at least one week prior to the date of the party. For example, for a party booked on Saturday April 21, clients must cancel by Saturday April 14. Clients waive the right to a refund for any cancellations made with less than a one week notice. 


Zoom Sessions

Our online classes meet via Zoom. Please register at or download the zoom app on your smartphone or tablet. Every student registered for the class will receive an email 15-30 mins before the class start time with a Zoom link. When it's time for class to begin, click the link from your email and join the class virtually. For help, please text (818)824-4091.

Membership Contracts

  • Memberships activate on the start date selected by the client. The membership fee will be auto-debited every month. This is a minimum three-month contract. Memberships will Auto-Renew at the end of the contract term. If clients do not wish to renew their membership, they must notify LM studio management via email, at least 30 days prior to renewal.

  • Luscious Maven does not issue refunds for any reason. A membership is a minimum three-month contract. If a client wants to cancel their membership prior to the first three months, they must provide notice in writing to They will be charged a contract termination fee of $100.00.

  • There is a $35 fee to freeze a membership. Clients may freeze their membership for up to 30 days. At the end of the 30 day period, the membership will re-activate. Clients may only freeze their membership once per year.

  • Luscious Maven's 8 hour cancellation policy applies to members' registration for all classes on the weekly schedule. Cancellations made within 8 hours of the scheduled class time or absences for any reason will result in the loss of that class credit.

  • Luscious Maven reserves the right to cancel any class or open pole session at any time. All clients on the roster at the time of cancellation will be notified directly via text message or email. Their class credits will be returned to their accounts and may be used to book other sessions.

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