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Maven Mission

We offer a workout as unique as you are. Fierce, fun, bold, caring and creative. You are done with boring, cookie-cutter fitness classes, you want a vibe! Your time is valuable and you're looking for something that will uplift your spirit, inspire your imagination, and move your body, so that you can feel luscious from the inside out! People find pole addictive because of all the great physical benefits it offers as well as the opportunity for self-expression through movement. We can't wait to help you get started on your pole journey.

What is a pole journey?

The pole journey is the growth of your skills, style, confidence and
self-expression in the world of pole dancing.


How do I progress on my pole journey?


Our Pole Levels are designed to provide a progressive skill set.
Beginner classes (Pole 101 & Pole Level 1) are suitable for students of all fitness levels.
As you gain strength and skills, you will be ready to progress to higher level classes. 


HOWEVER, getting to a “higher level” with “harder skills” is not necessarily the goal of your pole journey. For those students who crave a physical challenge, we offer intermediate and advanced pole classes. However, the difficulty of tricks is not what makes great dancers. Great dancers are those who can speak, shine and express through movement. At LM, we encourage each dancer to find their personal style on the pole. Some dancers find their flow with floor skills and beginner tricks. Others find their power in building strength & flexibility. And others may want to shine on stage. Each person’s pole journey is unique and valuable.


It is common for dancers to have ebbs and flows in their pole journey. It’s not always a straightforward path. There may be changes in lifestyle, work requirements, and family needs that impact a student’s ability to train. We bring our whole selves to this practice. Sometimes we are strong, powerful and bendy. Other times, we are tender, slow and soft. It’s a journey that changes with our lives, priorities and needs. Our goal is to empower our clients to find a lifetime of joyful movement practice.

10 Principles of Luscious Maven


What Our Mavens Say

Luscious Maven is my happy place! I love the community here. I've ran marathons, lifted kettlebells, done pilates but nothing has kicked my ass the way pole dancing has. It's been crazy how much my perception of pole has changed since I started my pole journey (a year and 8 months, time flies!). I'm always amazed at how much musicality, artistic interpretation can vary between individuals and how much athleticism is required to do all those magical aerial tricks.
If you want to level up as a human being, you need to go to pole class!

Kay P


11135 Weddington St, Unit 114

North Hollywood, CA 91601


(818) 824-4091

Studio Hours

Monday - Friday: 10 am-9:30 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 8 pm

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