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Private Lessons

Private lessons are an amazing way to get personalized coaching to achieve your pole & fitness goals. Each session is designed to help you build your skills, strength, and confidence. Before your lesson, we will contact you to ask about your dance experience and goals. Once we know a little more about you, we will match you with the right instructor. If you want to train with a specific instructor, just let us know.


You can book a private lesson for pole dance, twerk, exotic, burlesque, lap dancing, flexibility, conditioning, choreography and more!

Private lessons are great for anyone who wants extra support on their pole journey, including:
  • Absolute Beginners

  • Dancers who are shy in front of a group

  • Fitness Enthusiast

  • Pole Tricksters

  • Pole Competitors 

  • Performers

  • Adult Entertainers

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