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1200 sq ft of dance space
Ten 45mm stainless steel dance poles (14 ft tall) 


Please Note: Only certified and insured instructors can offer pole, dance or fitness lessons during a rental.

Instructors must submit proof of insurance and certification, prior to booking. All productions must provide

proof of liability insurance and name our business as additionally insured.

Email us for rates and booking


$30/Hour: 1-2 people

$45/Hour: 3 people 
300 sq ft space of dance space
Two 45mm stainless steel dance poles (14 ft tall) 
3 People Max for each rental


  Rental Policy:

  1. Clients must book the studio at least 24 hrs in advance.

  2. Clients must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time in order to receive a studio credit for a future booking.

  3. No refunds for any reason, within the 24 hrs period prior to the rental time. We do not refund for no shows. If someone in your group does not make it the session, your rental rate remains the same.

  4. Clients can cancel or reschedule a rental session online or through the LM app. 

  5. The person booking the rental must send us the name and email address for each person who will be using the space during the rental time. This info must be submitted at least 24 hrs before the rental start time. 

  6. Everyone who comes to the studio must fill out our liability release form.

  7. If additional people show up to your rental session, who are not on your list, there will be a charge of $20/hr for each additional person.

  8. If you have any scheduling or technical difficulties, email: or text 818-824-4091. Office hours are Mon - Sat 12:00 - 7:00pm 


Included in your rental:

Access to crash pads, stereo system, hand towels, rubbing alcohol, cleaning supplies, bathroom, hand washing station and first aid kit.


Teaching Requirements

In order to teach a class, workshop, private lesson, you must meet our minimum requirements

  1. All instructors must have a current fitness, dance, yoga or Pilates teaching certification or have qualifying professional dance experience.

  2. All instructors must submit a copy of their current pole instructors liability insurance.

  3. Instructors will have a brief interview with our management team to discuss your lesson plan.

Rates for film & photography productions may vary.

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