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Rental Instructions
& Policy

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a safe and efficient rental process for the entire LM community. Clients who do not follow our policies will be asked to leave.

1. Use of the studio is at your own risk.

2. Only LM Instructors may offer private lessons and coaching. For liability reasons, we do not allow independent instructors to offer services at our studio. 

3. All productions must provide proof of liability insurance and name our business as additionally insured, at least one week prior to rental date.

4. Everyone in the room must sign our waiver.

5. Email us the names AND email addresses of any additional guests who will be joining you for your rental, as each person needs to sign a waiver in advance.  Waivers must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance, or your rental will be canceled. If additional people show up to your rental session without prior notice, there will be a charge of $20/hr for each additional person.

6. We welcome clients 18 years and older. No children allowed in the studio. 

7. Use only plastic or metal water bottles - no glass

8. Do not bring any food into the studio.

9. We provide a speaker and WiFi access.  Please keep the volume at a reasonable level; we have many neighbors we would like to respect. Building quiet hours start every evening at 10:00 pm. 

10. Leave the studio as you found it. Collect all of your things and wipe down poles with alcohol. Used pole towels go in the basket labeled dirty. We also provide disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces as needed. You will have 5-10 minutes to clean and pack up after your rental time has elapsed. Please leave the studio as soon as you can to allow for a smooth transition to the next rental.

If you have questions in advance of your rental, please contact us. 

Text: (818) 824-4091, email:

Health and Safety Protocol

  • BEFORE LEAVING HOME: Self-Check - ensure that you are free of symptoms of illness and have a temperature under 100 degrees. If you have any symptoms of illness you must cancel your reservation. In this case, contact us and we will work with you to reschedule your session, at no additional cost.

  • Bring everything you need for your rental - grip aid, dance wear, yoga mat, water bottle. 

  • Try to keep the amount of personal belongings you bring into the studio at a minimum; ideally, only one bag that can fit in a 13x13 inch cubby.

  • Wash hands/use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

  • Remove your street shoes upon entry.

  • Do not attempt pole skills that require spotting unless an insured instructor is present.

  • Use crash mats for all aerial pole skills.

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